Red Ribbon Raises Existential Questions on New Single “Document (Alternate Version)”

The Seattle singer/songwriter’s new track has more to it than it seems.

Emma Danner—the artist behind Red Ribbon—is known for delicate, pensive indie ballads with “Document (Alternate Version)” arriving as her latest. The new single vibrates with what feels like the delirious energy of a daydream, but it’s more like an existential crisis. Danner explains the meaning of the hypnotic track:

“So much of history is erased and what we’re left with is the veneration of figures who purchased their historical memory through acts of power, money and violence. It’s strange then that as individuals we still privately record our own experiences through photographs or written accounts. What is the purpose of documenting oneself in a world where history is distorted? Why do we create these records when in all likelihood they will evaporate into nothingness? What is recorded is rarely what happened.”

Much like fellow indie dwellers Porches or Lomelda, she has a knack for meditating on the mundane until it’s something magical and bizarre. This single follows the fragile 2018 LP Dark Party, which did a lot of that. Luckily, even if we will evaporate into nothingness, Danner continues to offer us beautiful, sprawling gems.

Watch the video for “Document (Alternate Version)” below.


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