Son Lux and William Bell Shine Light on the Shadows with “Only (Chasing You)”

Echoes of David Sylvian, Rhye, and the streets of Berlin linger in the minimal track.

Son Lux has made a point of sidestepping any attempts of categorizing their music with a specific sound. Boasting a litany of influences that include Alice Coltrane, J Dilla, and Björk, the trio of Ryan Lott, Ian Chang, and Rafiq Bhatia set the controls for the unknown with their new version of “Only (Chasing You).”  Featuring soul legend William Bell, the original version appears on the band’s most recent full-length, Tomorrows I.

“We have always enjoyed reworking our own music, crafting new songs out of existing sounds and recordings,” the band shares. “On one level they are a remix, but the goal is to create an equally familiar and strange experience. Part of this process is introducing new voices. We are honored that William Bell agreed to be one of those voices. His interpretation of ‘Only’ brings new life and meaning into the song, opening it up to new possibility and interpretation.”
The song’s warm, minimal gait invokes images of David Bowie and Iggy Pop perusing the back alleys of Berlin, with echoes of Rhye and even David Sylvian lingering within the track’s rumbling pianos. Listen to it below.


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