Henry Hall Announces Debut LP, Shares Video for New “Mansplaining Anthem” “Guy”

NEATO is set for releases on October 16.

After Alex Cameron released Miami Memory last year—his first album not to be sung from the perspective of deplorable narrators—it left that niche market open for Henry Hall to swoop in with “Guy,” his new single which he refers to as a “mansplaining anthem from the perspective of the mansplainer himself.” Arriving as the first cut from Hall’s debut album NEATO, the song is a very much-needed jab at guys being dudes in the form of a catchy, Auto-Tune-infused, and not-entirely-un-Alex-Cameron-like pop song with an ecstatic climax.

The video sees the songwriter acting out the role himself, performing the track while water skiing—and while underwater, fully decked out in a suit (something a guy would wear). “As he goes on and on about how ‘nice and funny’ he is and how he ‘should be the one receiving the apology,’ he just buries himself deeper and deeper in his own unsound logic and contradictions,” Hall explains. “There’s probably a metaphor for this lying somewhere in the video with the ‘guy’ never touching dry ground and sinking deeper and deeper into the water around him, but I’ll leave the meaning of all of that up to the audience.” 

He clarifies in conclusion, “I’m a nice and funny guy, by the way.”

Watch the vid below, and expect NEATO out October 16.


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