Kito, ZHU, and Jeremih Dance the Pain Away in “Follow” Visual

The clip features Caleb Bonney and Stephen Ojo, most recently seen in Beyoncé’s Black Is King.

With the world essentially turning upside down over the course of 2020, what’s known as “the new normal” has simply become a way to describe a new phenomenon: suddenly being forced to learn to live without so many of the people, places, and things that came to define our lives.

For artists Kito, ZHU, and Jeremih, the relief to the growing pressures of modern life in the COVID-19 age is the moment to let it all go and dance yourself clean.

“I am really excited to be sharing the video for ‘Follow’ with the world,” KITO says about the exclusive premiere of the new clip. “This year has been a strange one, and it’s important to let loose every once in a while—even if it’s by yourself. Dance it out, which is what we aimed to do with this video.”

Indeed, as the dance-crazy video boasts some powerful street dancing throughout New York City, with Caleb Bonney and Stephen Ojo—most recently seen in Beyoncé’s Black Is King—featured in the clip. Watch it below.


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