The Go-Go’s Endorse New ’80s American Girl Doll “Courtney”

Courtney comes with Lip Smackers, Care Bare pajamas, and a mom running for mayor.

Emerging like a neon-colored phoenix from the depths of your memory banks emerges a new friend who’s strangely familiar. Her name is Courtney Moore, and she’s the latest offering from legendary doll maker American Girl.

The 80s are back according to a press release trumpeting the arrival of Courtney, a spunky new 80s-themed doll with a new-millennium attitude: not only does she love going to the mall—especially the arcade, where she’s one of the top-scoring Pac-Man players—little Miss Moore has much higher aspirations: creating video games, and bringing more girl characters to the front.

The doll arrives with a strong endorsement from those beloved rockers of the 80s, LA’s The Go-Go’s. The band announced Courtney with a Zoo segment on Today, where they stamped the doll with their approval.

“We got to see a lot of girls at our concerts during the 80s, and Courtney actually looks a lot like our audience members,” said Go-Go’s bassist, Kathy Valentine. “I think what American Girl wants to do with the Courtney doll is bring attention to what the era was like for women. The feminist movement had come about in the 60s and 70s, and in the 80s you started seeing women in politics more. You saw them going into tech and getting the results of the hard work of the feminist pioneers.”

Courtney also hits the scene with a wide range of varieties and accessories, including Lip Smackers lip gloss, Care Bare pajamas, stone washed denim outfits, fanny pack, and even a working Pac-Man machine, which retails for a cool $150.

The doll’s elaborate backstory includes living in a blended family with a mom running for mayor of their California town. The bright-eyed doll is in for a rude dose of reality, though: she looks up to the astronauts on the Space Shuttle Challenger.


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