Freedom Fry and Vic Mensa Turn Up “Happy Little Thoughts” Remix

The original version was recorded at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California.

Freedom Fry is in a lyrical mood. So much so that the husband-and-wife duo of Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll tapped Chicago rapper Vic Mensa to grace the new remix of “Happy Little Thoughts,” the latest from Freedom Fry’s second full-length effort, Songs From the West Coast.

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“Here is a collaboration like we’ve never done before,” the Los Angeles-based outfit shared in a press statement. “We teamed up with legendary, Chicago-based rapper/singer, Vic Mensa, and he took our song, ‘Happy Little Thoughts,’ to places we never dreamed. His lyrics and performance tapped into the song’s meaning about navigating dark thoughts in a way that blew us away.” Watch the lyric video below.

Freedom Fry crafted Songs From the West Coast along the California coast in Los Angeles, Catalina Island, and Joshua Tree. The original version of “Happy Little Thoughts,” for example, was in large part recorded in the Gypsy Rock room at San Luis Obispo’s Madonna Inn.



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