Jadu Heart Share Songs That Inspired “Hyper Romance”

The British indie duo make a playlist ahead of their forthcoming album.

Jadu Heart can’t quite be tied down to a genre. Songs like “I’m a Kid” or “Galaxy Surfing” show off the duo’s more electronic side, whereas “Heroin Song” or “Purity” reveal a delicate indie sound. Their forthcoming album Hyper Romance is an unpredictable release, but so far the singles linger in a meditative world.

We had the pair put together a playlist of songs that inspired the album—from The Beatles to Crystal Castles, Black Sabbath to Alex G, it explains why Jadu Heart can’t be encapsulated in just one term. “The album itself was written over like three months and building up to the writing process we were exploring a lot of music together,” the band shares. “We would be showing each other new music all the time and for most of the songs that really stuck out we would go and buy the records in the center of Bristol and just start each day blasting Death in Vegas, Sonic Youth, or Goon through the house. I think we wanted the sound to seep into our subconscious and into the music. When we look back on these tracks we can hear and pick out elements that made it onto the album, whether that’s a specific bass sound we could only get by playing through amps or recording vocals with natural gain distortion, or even the actual songwriting itself.”

Listen to the playlist below.


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