Watch Tame Impala Play “Borderline” on “The Tonight Show”

Kevin Parker gives a synth-heavy performance of the Slow Rush single for Jimmy Fallon.

If the release of Kevin Parker’s fourth album with Tame Impala feels like it came out centuries ago rather than earlier this year, that’s probably because The Slow Rush’s release date preceded the pandemic. Obviously a lot has transpired since mid-February when the record was released, however none of these events included a Tame Impala spot on The Tonight Show.

This finally changed last night when Parker brought a cache of synthesizers to Jimmy Fallon’s stage, where he and his band performed a synth-heavy rendition of “Borderline.” Without a stringed instrument or any percussion in sight, the Kevin Parker Trio leaned into the indietronic direction of their latest LP.

Watch the performance below.


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