Romy Madley Croft of The xx Shares Debut Solo Single “Lifetime”

The singers first solo song was revealed on Annie Macs U.K. radio show.

Romy Madley Croft of The xx has just released “Lifetime,” her first solo single. Croft revealed the song’s imminent arrival yesterday on Instagram.

Croft first announced the solo project back in April during an Instagram Live session: “For the past couple years I’ve been writing a lot of songs for other people, writing a lot of songs for myself. I ended up with all these songs so I’m going to release a solo album under my name,” she explained. “It’s just going to be under ‘Romy.’ I’m hopefully going to be releasing it soon. I have loads of songs and I feel excited to try something new.”

When pressed about the sound of her solo material, the singer said that clubbing was a big inspiration: “I guess one of the main inspirations and things that I love is club classics—Ibiza house, trance music, stuff that you can really dance to but also sing along to. What I realized was a lot of those club classics are big songs as well as just being fun to dance to.”

Listen to “Lifetime” below.


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