WATCH: Kanye West Releases “Only One” Video, Directed By Spike Jonze

The video for the rapper's collaboration with Paul McCartney is so sweet, it might give you cavities.

Usually known for his controversial, over-the-top, and undeniably creative music videos, it seems like Kanye West has opted for sweet simplicity for the video of his latest track, “Only One.” Set on a foggy day, the video features West and his daughter, North, walking around a misty field in similar outfits complete with hiking boots.

Director Spike Jonze (Adaptation, Her), who began his career creating fanciful worlds for some of the greatest music videos ever, keeps the video for this short song basic and heart-warming. At the beginning, you hear the director laughing at West who seems winded by running at the camera, which sets the loose and endearing tone for the rest of “Only One.”

While it is a bit sad that she’s had to deal with the intrusion of cameras for her whole young life, North seems to keep her calm even when Jonze’s camera is clearly right in her face. She does shoot him a great “back off” look though.


There’s still no word on when we’ll get a full LP of new West songs, but the hip-hop titan recently released a second song featuring the “cute” Beatle and Rihanna. Watch the video for “Only One” below.


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