Lake Saint Daniel Gets Chased by Kermit in “Rainbow Connection” Video

The Future Teens member goes solo for this Muppets cover.

Lake Saint Daniel, the solo project of Future Teens‘ Daniel Radin, is here with a music video for his serene cover of “Rainbow Connection.” His rendition is mesmerizing, and the footage featuring an extraordinarily tall Kermit the Frog makes it even more precious. 

“This song always makes me cry,” Radin shares. “I love how deceptively deep it is. On the surface it sounds almost like a children’s song and can be enjoyed that way. While I was recording the cover and learning the lyrics, though, I was struck by how it deals with death, belief, and community. I’ve wanted to cover it for so long, but never really had a project that it fit into. I’m glad to finally get the opportunity on this record.” 

His passion for the song shines through in the music; it almost sounds like it was made for him. Watch the video for “Rainbow Connection” below, and pre-order his debut album Good Things out this Friday, October 9.


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