Coco Reilly Announces Self-Titled LP, Shares First Two Singles

“The Truth Will Always Find a Way” and “Suited” arrive ahead of the record’s December 9 release.

With 2020 (finally) winding down, we’re still finding out about some late-in-the-year releases to anticipate, the latest of which comes from songwriter Coco Reilly. With the news of her new self-titled LP arriving today, the record’s first two singles paint the project as a collection of country-western ballads buried deep beneath the album’s wall-of-sound production, particularly on the slow-waltzing “The Truth Will Always Find a Way.” 

“Suited,” meanwhile, is more transparently dreamy. “It’s about the first person I kissed almost a year after ending a long-term relationship (and brief engagement) in my late twenties,” she shares. “More than a kiss, it’s about meeting someone you feel you’ve met before and how the ease of that instant connection makes you feel comforted, understood, and less alone. This experience was a lightning bolt to my cynicism at the time and taught me a lot about the dynamic nature of love and friendship.”

You can check out both of those tracks, as well as a stark, black-and-white video for “Truth,” below.


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