Watch Sad13 Play “Hysterical” and “Oops…!” for Neighborhoods

Sadie Dupuis performs songs from Haunted Painting in her mom’s backyard with her dog Buster.

Sadie Dupuis has found ways to stay productive during 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Speedy Ortiz vocalist/guitarist founded a poetry journal as an extension of her record label, Wax Nine, to help out people in the lit world who are often prone to exploitation. She then released Haunted Painting, her second album under the moniker Sad13, just last month. It followed 2016’s Slugger, and the wait was worth it—the album is extravagant and clever throughout the eleven tracks, grappling with grief, aging, and misogyny in idiosyncratic ways.

In her mother’s backyard in Northwestern Connecticut, Dupuis performed “Hysterical” and “Oops…!” from Haunted Painting for “Neighborhoods” with her dog Buster making a special appearance. Watch the intimate renditions below.


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