Hayley Williams, Miley Cyrus, Michael Stipe, and More Paid Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg Last Night

“Honor Her Wish” celebrated the legacy of the trailblazing Supreme Court Justice.

Last night’s “Honor Her Wishes” online event paid tribute to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a program packed with live performances and passionate speakers. Regina King, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Stipe, Hayley Williams, Miley Cyrus, Stacey Abrams, Sophia Bush, and more were among the cavalcade of famous faces celebrating the life and legacy of a true American pioneer, hero, and inspiration.

“The courts did not see or acknowledge gender discrimination. But Ruth saw it,” Cyrus said to kick off the show. “And with time, as a young lawyer arguing before the Supreme Court who went on to help start the Women’s Rights Project at the ACLU, she made others see it too.”

“President Trump and Republican Senators are trying to jam through a new justice who would undo so much of what Justice Ginsburg fought for,” stressed Demi Lovato. “They’re doing it against precedent, before the American people get their say this November, and against the wishes of Justice Ginsburg herself.”

Michael Stipe showed up to read a personal story from Ginsburg’s widower, Marty Ginsburg.

Later, Phoebe Bridgers offered a performance of “Graceland Too.”

Hayley Williams shared a special tribute to domestic violence survivors, specifically to women in her own family.

The event ended with a stirring performance from the Resistance Revival Chorus.

“Your ability to access health care, to marry the person you love, and to live in this country are on the line,” stressed Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. “Your rights hang in the balance. Your voice should not be silenced. Together, we must carry out Justice Ginsburg’s legacy. And in the face of this injustice, we must dissent.”


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