Hear Madison Cunningham Cover The Beatles’ “In My Life”

The acoustic single arrives ahead of the songwriter’s Wednesday EP, out November 6.

Grammy-nominated songwriter Madison Cunningham proved her ability to transform modern rock classics into intimate covers when she released her piano-driven take on “No Surprises” last month. That track, along with her cover of The Beatles’ “In My Life,” which she’s sharing a proper recording of today, have been circulating in live iterations from the artist for a while now, though the Wednesday EP she has planned for next month will see them neatly packages as a four-song record, also featuring covers of tracks by Tom Waits and John Mayer.

“I challenged myself at the beginning of last year to learn and post a cover song every week as a way to stay inspired both in writing and performing,” Cunningham explained when the EP was revealed. “What started as a fun prompt, cracked something open in me and stayed for good, freeing me up in the areas I tend to be too cautious in. After weeks and weeks of this, I decided to release four of these songs as an EP of interpretations, in hopes that they would bring comfort to people in the same way they for did me during this painful year.”

“In My Life” is a much softer affair than the tense “No Surprises,” featuring Cunningham singing in tender duet over acoustic guitar. Stream the track below, and expect Wednesday out November 6.


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