LISTEN: Matthew E. White Shares “Tranquility,” A Low-Register Tribute Track to Philip Seymour Hoffman

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the actor’s death.

With the actor’s last work still not completely out, it may be hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since Philip Seymour Hoffman tragically died at the age of 46. To mark that sad anniversary, Matthew E. White has shared his second Fresh Blood track, “Tranquility,” which was written as a tribute to the lost actor.

On his Tumblr page, White explained the process and mindset of the song:

Very soon after his death it became crystal clear to me that I wanted to try very hard and write a song for him. He deserved something from me, something that honored him, and showed how grateful I was for all he had given. His death was immensely sad and as deaths such as these go, leaves us crushed that a life so bright has been dimmed. There is a duality in these circumstances, it’s a place where we find darkness in the light, but more powerfully, we find light in the darkness. I tried to find music that felt the same. It’s my best shot, and it’s called Tranquility.

If this isn’t your idea of a proper Monday morning tape, you can cheer up with White’s sunnier side on the first album single, “Rock & Roll Is Cold.”

Fresh Blood is out March 10 via Domino.


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