Tenacious D Filmed an Operatic Cover of “Time Warp” From “Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Pretty much everyone from Senator Elizabeth Warren to Eric Andre cameo in the video.

It’s a good thing someone invented celebrities talking into their cellphones prior to the pandemic—the past nine months have given us plenty of Cameo-like videos of famous actors and musicians asking simple favors from us, from imagining all the people, to voting. It was the latter which brought the likes of Mayor Pete and John Waters together, who joined Jack Black and Kyle Gass in a rousing rendition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show staple “Time Warp.”

Taking the place of Tenacious D’s ill-fated Purple Nurple: Twisting Hard to the Left tour, JB and KG rounded up two full baseball lineup’s worth of celebs to feature in their “Rock-y the Vote” campaign. Without giving away too many more appearances, expect a member of the film’s original cast and the songwriter who’s bringing the skeleton onesie back in style. Watch the clip below.


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