They Hate Change’s Ode to Impromptu DJ Sets

Andre and Vonne share 12 tracks that would make their set if they were given the aux at their favorite Central Florida dive right now.

Listening to They Hate Change, it becomes clear pretty quickly that the duo of Tampa rapper/producers Andre Gainey and Vonne Parks are into gear. On top of the intricate, technical beats they’re rapping over, many of their songs are punctuated with the pair giddily discussing their favorite obscure drum machines—despite the resigned angst permeating many of their lyrics, each project they drop certainly sounds like it was fun to record.

The latest of these projects, the 666 Central Ave. EP, was unleashed back in August, featuring Andre and Vonne’s signature laid-back back-and-forth raps packaged with an album cover representative of 2020’s virus-inflicted reality. Unflappable as ever, the stuttering, bass-rattling “Stunt Cams” bleeds into the blissful Pale Spring collab “Day Ones” before venturing into heavier territory. 

All of this is to say that the pair undeniably have an ear for left-field beats and underground sounds. In an era of no impromptu DJ sets, we asked Andre and Vonne to provide us with a taste of what they’d be spinning right now at their favorite Central Florida dive The Bricks in Ybor City—stream their mix below.


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