Redray Frazier’s “Better Man” Is a Love Song

The songwriter’s influences range from Jimi Hendrix to Leon Bridges.

Portland, Oregon’s Redray Frazier has always been involved with music, from singing at his father’s baptist church in New Jersey to playing in David Byrne’s touring band. Now, he’s stepping into the solo role and releasing a new single, “Better Man.”

“‘Better Man’ was written en route to the studio while I was feeling the weight of missing my lady,” Frazier shares. “She was outta town for work, and I was flying out from Portland to NJ to record, departing just hours before she would return home. Neither of us had done anything wrong, but it was simply another near miss. The emotions of that missed opportunity inspired the song, making a declaration to do better. This in itself is rather strange because I rarely write about conventional relationships and love, but why not own your shit to a dope track?”

Watch Frazier sort his relationship out in the video for “Better Man” below—and pre-order his album here.


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