Danielle Durack Captures the Feeling of a Fresh Breakup in Her “Eggshells” Video

The Phoenix-based songwriter takes a jog to air her grievances in the clip for her latest single.

With her new LP No Place set for release January 15, today Danielle Durack is sharing her second single from the project, “Eggshells,” which navigates the fragility of an ill-fated relationship first with acoustic guitar and minimal accompaniment before breaking out into a full-on instrumental sprint. 

“‘Eggshells’ was one of the easier songs to write on the album,” she shares of the track, which certainly does sound cathartic. “Everything that was so hard to say conversationally to my partner at the time just came pouring out when I sat down with my guitar. The song is basically about the inner conflict of loving someone deeply, but being completely unable to make it work. It’s very dense and wordy and ambling but I think it fully communicates my indecision and frustration at the time.”

Along with the single, Durack is sharing a self-directed video setting the track’s mounting energy to a visual of the songwriter going for a walk in sunny Arizona before turning on the jets in the song’s final moments. “The video is super simple,” she continues, “but I think it captures the feeling of a really fresh breakup, specifically a breakup with someone you’re still very much in love with. It’s so easy to fall back into something when the love is there, so the video on its most basic level is about making that decision and walking away. 

“The moments I turn around represent moments of doubt and pain, but every time I turn back the pace increases. This represents a kind of ‘doubling down’ on the decision and a commitment to see it through. The video as a whole is very symbolic of the inner conflict I went through on a moment to moment basis after my breakup.”

Watch the clip below, and pre-save the single here.


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