Burr Oak Observe the Changing Seasons on “Flower Garden”

It’s the second single from Savanna Dickhut’s forthcoming debut record, Late Bloomer.

As the temperatures in the Midwest begin to drop below the forties—and then spike back into the seventies for a few days before returning to the forties—it’s getting to be time to bust out the unreasonably heavy emotional playlists that somehow provide an enormous comfort in the decreasingly day-lit days ahead. Nestled between Adrianne Lenker and Katie Crutchfield, Chicago’s Savanna Dickhut’s latest contribution to such playlists via her Burr Oak project arrives today, aptly downtempo and laced with heartbreak. 

“‘Flower Garden’ reflects on a past relationship, one from a few years ago that only lasted a couple of months but had a lasting effect on me,” Dickhut shares. “In this song, I begin telling about how I attempt to reconnect with this ex-lover, but they are hesitant to do so. In the process, I start to question the entirety of the relationship and what went wrong.

“I thought using a ‘flower garden’ as a metaphor for this past lover worked well,” she continues, “as a garden full of flowers is something so beautiful and lush at first sight, but ultimately the flowers will die once the season changes. I met this person in the summer months, and by winter we were no longer together.”

“Flower Garden” is the second cut from her forthcoming debut intended for next year. Stream it below.


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