Saint Ezekiel and Moonchild’s Amber Navran Celebrate Nigerian Creatives on “Ikeja Dreaming”

The track arrives ahead of Ezekiel’s Everything Is Under Alarm EP, out December 4.

For the creatives among us living in major American cities, it’s easy to take for granted the sheer amount of resources we have at our disposal in terms of collaborators, equipment, and a general sense of community motivating us to keep pursuing our artistic goals. Something about that just doesn’t quite make carry over to the online experience—which unfortunately limits the possibilities of creative individuals in rural areas and underdeveloped cities across the globe.

This is the concept Saint Ezekiel tackles in his latest single, the Amber Navran–featuring “Ikeja Dreaming.” The son of Nigerian immigrants, Ezekiel melds African sounds with smooth electric-guitar rock and the backing vocals of Moonchild co-founder as he dreams of the possibilities available to him in his hometown of Philly being the same for folks in the Nigerian hub of the song’s title. 

“At the time of this EP, I was deeply inspired by the concept of a city of dreams,” he shares. “In the States we have New York and Los Angeles. Famed for their ability to make or break a creative—full of infinite possibilities. But what if Nigeria could have that? A teeming city-scape, visionaries, and the propensity to shape realities all over the world—that is an Ikeja Dream.” 

Stream the track below.



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