Overcoats Call Out Industry Men in “Apathetic Boys” Video

The electronic duo are tired of the male-dominated music scene.

Overcoats don’t want to hear about your band anymore. On “Apathetic Boys,” which definitely qualifies as a diss track, the electronic duo call out men—men in the music industry, men in any industry—who think that it’s cool to not care. Naturally, their self-directed video for the song covers the same ground.

“When we wrote this song, we had the dream to make a music video for it with tons of boy bands,” the duo shares. “We are very grateful to all of our male musician friends who let us poke fun at them to achieve our dream. This song is all about how male-dominated the music industry is—so why not make the video male-dominated too? This tongue in cheek song required a tongue in cheek video. Please enjoy our directorial debut, and make sure you watch till the end. It’s worth it.”

Watch the video for “Apathetic Boys” below.


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