Watch Thunder Jackson Play Two Songs at Bombay Beach for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter performs “Find Yourself” and “Lucky” from the Southern California art hub.

After three and a half years of preparing his debut album, Thunder Jackson’s self-titled album is finally out in the world. So what’s next for the Oklahoman songwriter? How about a short, intimate set at a ghost-town-turned art-hub in Southern California. Bringing two tracks from Thunder Jackson with him, the artist took a trip to Bombay Beach for his “Neighborhoods” set, sitting with his acoustic guitar in a circle of neon fluorescent lights to set the mood.

The performance, which you can watch below, arrives a day ahead of Jackson’s set at OKC’s Tower Theater, which will be streaming live tomorrow at 5 p.m. PST—tickets are available here. While there won’t be any toilet brushes hanging precariously overhead, it should still be a sight to behold.


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