Gracie and Rachel Explore Grief in Their “Sidelines” Video

The song from Hello Weakness, You Make Me Strong now has a poignant visual component.

Brooklyn duo Gracie and Rachel are back with a music video for their song, “Sidelines,” from their latest record Hello Weakness, You Make Me Strong. It cinematically follows a story of loss and grief, based on a family friend whose partner collaborated with the two to make this ode. 

“This piece comes from a very personal place for us,” the band shares. “The song was written out of a feeling of loss and longing, a feeling of standing on the sidelines of yourself as you watch everyone else live their lives as you might want to. It’s a song that works to confront loneliness, no matter how painful it might be, and to embrace ourselves as being the only ones who can take matters into our own hands.” 

The video’s director Andrea Gavazzi takes us deeper: “Something that has always struck me is how time affects memories and the way we perceive a past event in our life. The more time passes, the more our memory selects random bits to keep. Perhaps when a certain moment actually happens, it doesn’t feel so memorable at the time, but later for some reason it is the only memory we have of someone or something. We can’t completely understand why these memories are so clear, why that moment and not another one, and I don’t even think we question it; it just feels right, it feels it represents the essence of us, so we hold on to that instant. When I first listened to ‘Sidelines’ I understood that I wanted to create something that felt real, honest and with a universal message. ‘Sidelines’ is not about what we could have done differently, but how we will do it differently in the future or next time.”

Watch the video below. 


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