Sydney Sprague Reckons with Unrequited Love in “staircase failure” Video

“maybe i will see you at the end of the world” is out February 26 via Rude Records.
Sydney Sprague Reckons with Unrequited Love in “staircase failure” Video

“maybe i will see you at the end of the world” is out February 26 via Rude Records.

Words: Danielle Chelosky

photo by Michael Carter

November 25, 2020

Sometimes falling in love can feel like falling down the stairs. Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Sydney Sprague knows this. Her songs revel in the danger and thrill of these situations, the most recent being “staircase failure.” The pain is balanced with the pleasure as she sings, “Hit me down / Hit me down so hard / You’re the best / You’re the best so far,” and she takes the listener with her while she descends into hell, drinks all day, and gets stoned.

The song comes from her forthcoming album maybe i will see you at the end of the world, out February 26 via Rude Records. Watch the video for “staircase failure” below, and keep scrolling for a Q&A with Sydney.

When did you start making this record?

I wrote the songs between 2018 and 2019, did a lot of demo-ing late last year, and then we spent all of January making the record at the Hall of Justice in Seattle.

You mentioned in a press release that you were working “a dead-end job, surrounded by toxic friends and a failing relationship, living in an apartment [you] hated.” Did that experience contribute to any themes on this record?

Yeah, for sure. All of these songs were written during that time. Writing has always been my outlet, and sometimes I can’t assess how I actually feel until I get it out on paper, so this record is really a play-by-play of me figuring out how to break myself out of that situation. 

What’s the story behind “staircase failure”?

“staircase failure” is about falling for someone so hard it’s scary! I had a very severe unrequited crush on someone who was way out of my league, and it felt metaphorically like falling down the stairs. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. It was chaotic and confusing but also came with a huge adrenaline rush, and I wanted this song to have that energy. 

There’s a lot of blending of indie rock, pop punk, and folk. What were some influences?

My influences are all over the place! I grew up on ’90s/2000s pop and alternative and moved on to more indie rock, pop-punk, and folk in my teens. When I started playing guitar and writing I was super inspired by Avril Lavigne. I love anything with a lot of feelings!

Do you have any favorite moments on the album—a lyric, instrumental, or whole song? 

I have tons…this album is the first thing I’ve ever made that I actually like to listen to. I really love all of the songs equally, but for different reasons. I think instrumentally the one I’m most excited to have out in the world is called “time is gone.” It has my first ever guitar solo on it!