Craig Wedren Kicks Off Hanukkah with Self-Made “Sanctuary” Video

The Shudder to Think frontman brings his contribution to the Hanukkah+ compilation to life.

Last year at this time, music supervisor Randall Poster was rolling out his Hanukkah+ comp to get us into the holiday spirit, featuring the likes of The Flaming Lips, HAIM, and Jack Black. Closing out the tracklist was Shudder to Think’s Craig Wedren, who composed a haunting, minimal orchestral number called “Sanctuary” that served as an ode to creative spaces and other spots that offer comfort.

“‘Sanctuary’ is about everything from a terrarium, to my grandma’s house, to places of worship—including my studio,” he shares of the single. “It’s about environments real and imagined that connect us to ourselves and to others. ‘Sanctuary’ is also about the cozy hauntings of memories and dreams, some real and some wholly mutated with time, like the story of Chanukah itself.”

Today Wedren’s unveiling a self-made video for the track, setting its somber tones to time-lapse footage of plants rising out of the dirt and blossoming intercut with scene of the songwriter performing the tune in one of the track’s titular spaces. “I was asked by a friend to create a video for ‘Sanctuary’ to be used as part of a recent High Holidays event,” he explains. “After we got off the phone, for some reason, I made a sketch of a plant kind of reaching up with its leaves and tendrils. I couldn’t shake the image, and when I started working on the video proper, it led me down a rabbit hole of stock plant footage, which grew into what you see here (not to mention what you see-hear).” 

Watch it below.


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