Bleached Talk Coming Up in the LA Punk Scene on “Punk as Fuck with Damian Abraham”

The third episode of PAFtakes us to a recording studio in the new Topanga.

After giddy conversations with Steve Albini and Moby, the third episode of “Punk as Fuck with Damian Abraham” sees the Fucked Up vocalist heading to Topanga where he meets up with punk duo Bleached, who were in the studio putting together their third LP Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?. Sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin meet Abraham’s energy regarding the topic of LA punk, and share their own experience coming up in the scene.

From their punk origins (getting into punk separately as teens and awkwardly bumping into each other at shows), to finding their community at now-iconic DTLA venue The Smell, to their time together in noise-punk ensemble Mika Miko, to playing with other mid-’00s scenesters like Abe Vigoda, the duo had plenty to talk about. Check out the full episode below.


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