Hello, I’m Sorry Disconnect From Themselves on the Jangly “I Don’t Know You”

The track arrives ahead of the February 28 release of the Seattle band’s Buddy LP via Slang Church.

We’re a few months out from Seattle’s Hello, I’m Sorry sharing their first collection of songs since 2018, and the theme of Buddy—introduced on the title track and fortified on the second single, debuting here—is firmly existential. Along with a third track yet to be shared (“Brother”), Seth Little confirms the songs fall into a trilogy “chronicling one’s relationship with themselves,” while the opposingly warm guitar tones land the instrumentation somewhere between Cleaners From Venus and the Woodsist catalog.

In particular, “‘I Don’t Know You’ is about feeling disconnected from yourself,” Little shares, “the initial recognition of the difference between who you feel you are and who you feel you’ve been. Like watching yourself on TV, it’s a really unsettling feeling and trying to find the root of the problem leads you back to yourself—this cycle is where the song takes place.”

Stream the new track below, and expect Buddy out February 28. The record’s available for pre-order here.


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