Luna Shadows Muses About Technology and Generation Gaps on “nite swim”

The new single arrives ahead of the songwriter’s debut, Digital Pacific, out February 12.

It seems like every year the pace of technological development in communication quickens—from iPhone updates to the popularity of new apps. Just when you get the hang of Vine, for example, parents are finding out about TikTok, quickly plummeting the app’s appeal. This is loosely the subject of Luna Shadows’ latest single from her forthcoming debut LP Digital Pacific, a glossy, synth-soaked project focused on life in the digital age. 

“[The] majority of my music is autobiographical, and this song is a bit of an exception, as the narrator is actually a satirical, digital native Juliet,” she shares of the upbeat single “nite swim.” “I think a lot about how communication both binds us and breaks us, and how dramatically even just ten year gaps in technological developments can shape relationships.”

Similarly, the songwriter notes how she herself has evolved over the years since penning the track way before conceiving the record. “’nite swim’ was one of the first songs written for this LP back in 2015,” she explains. “I have changed a lot as a person, songwriter, and a producer since then, and so for me, hearing this song is a little bit like looking through a time capsule. When I hear this song, I hear the building block from which everything else on Digital Pacific was built.”

Hear the song below, and pre-save the record here.


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