Alivenique Foreshadows Her New Meta-Pop Project with “Tune in [Prelude]”

Ali Beletic’s new LP The Year of the Statement will arrive later in 2021 via Lightning Records.

It makes perfect sense to unveil a new project with the intro track to your first album—which is exactly what musician and artist Ali Beletic is doing today with “Tune In,” the first track from her forthcoming album The Year of the Statement under the name Alivenique. Without giving away too much of what the record has in store, the prelude demonstrates the LP’s sonic palette with tribal drumbeats (it was produced by Akron/Family’s Seth Olinsky) and sunny synth lines soundtracking the songwriter’s looped vocal repetition of “Now that I’ve got your attention.”

“‘Tune In [Prelude]’ is the blowing of the conch shell on a new project I’ve had in the works for the last couple of years,” Beletic shares. “The project was born out of the desire to work within the current landscape of meta-pop art, and the desire to infuse my own sense of celebration, femininity, rebellion, extroversion and storytelling into that landscape. This song was written after most of the initial songwriting for the upcoming record was finished. It was written as the prelude to the whole project, and like a prelude, it foreshadows themes, beats, feelings, and expressions on the record, but of course, you would need to explore the entire record, for the depth of the story.”

Stream the track below, and read on for more commentary on the track’s themes.

In my mind, when I was writing the song, I was traveling to an underground Brazilian loft party, where mishaps are happening all over the place, and it’s perfectly human, festive and a total party. It has a meta-quality to it, in that it was written lyrically as a conversation with the audience, but when we listen to songs, we often hear the singer as ourselves. I love that breakdown of being able to write in the sphere between fiction, myth, and personal narrative and journalism. I think it’s a journey we are all on and all in on. So that power of choice of your own narrative is certainly built into this song, and into the entire record.

It’s about the intersection of our own self-power to create our own narrative, at any given moment. I’m really into human excellence, and I think attention is at the core here. That said, I wish I had the budget to direct a video of the Brazilian loft dance party, because I’d like to go there right now and celebrate with all my friends and the whole world truly. And I’d like to share that world, so hopefully it will make everyone get up and dance for what they have to dance about.



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