Perfume Genius Announces “IMMEDIATELY Remixes” LP feat. A.G. Cook, Katie Dey, Jenny Hval, and More

A Boy Harsher remix of “Your Body Changes Everything” arrives ahead of the LP’s February 19 release.

On the heels of celebrating his spot at the top of nearly everyone’s Best Of 2020 lists, Perfume Genius is announcing a full-length album of Set My Heart on Fire Immediately remixes, featuring contributions from the likes of A.G. Cook, Jim-E Stacks, Planningtorock, Jenny Hval, Westerman, and Katie Dey (who’s coincidentally announced her own remix LP today—which, unfortunately, does not include a contribution from Mike Hadreas).

The record arrives February 19 via Matador, and ahead of its release we’re getting a sample of what’s to come in the form of Boy Harsher’s predictably freaky take on “Your Body Changes Everything,” along with a video directed by the duo’s Jae Matthews and starring model Teddy Quinlivan in a familiarly Mike Hadreas getup. “For the video, I wanted to create something that reflected my feelings of disconnect,” Matthews shared in a statement. “Inspired by David Cronenberg’s Videodrome and Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist, I developed this idea where a man becomes haunted by a beautiful alien—who can only access him through his television set. Long live the new flesh!”

Watch the video below.


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