Pete Yorn Shares New Bandcamp-Exclusive Covers Album “Pete Yorn Sings the Classics”

Hear Yorn’s take on Pixies, The Stone Roses, Simon & Garfunkel, and more.

Last night, Pete Yorn revealed that he’d uploaded a full album’s worth of covers to his Bandcamp page as an exclusive purchase on the site. Ten covers—ranging from a Roxy Music single to Audrey Hepburn’s “Moon River”—comprise Pete Yorn Sings the Classics, a project seemingly instigated by Yorn’s love for the songs and the joy of recording with his friend Marc “Doc” Dauer (apparently Liz Phair also contributed vocals on a track). 

“As you know, I’ve never been shy about celebrating my musical influences,” Yorn wrote on the record’s Bandcamp page. “I honor them and appreciate the fact that they have helped to inspire the style of music I create as my own. I have chosen to interpret and record this particular collection of songs for various reasons. Whether it was The Pixies “Here Comes Your Man” or The Stone Roses “Ten Storey Love Song,” these songs all have one thing in common…they all stopped me in my tracks upon first discovery, simply because I loved the way they made me feel. They compelled me to listen repetitively…almost compulsively over and over again.”

Hear those covers below, and check out our recent “Neighborhoods” session with Yorn here.



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