Alexander Biggs Shares Spectral Single “I’ve Been Holding Onto You for Way Too Long”

The Australian songwriter’s Hit or Miss is out February 3.

We’re two weeks out from the release of an early contender for downcast folk record of the year—Alexander Biggs’ alt-folk Hit or Miss, so far, has presented us with five gentle tunes landing somewhere between the subtle pop of Hovvdy and dark acoustic pinings of Phoebe Bridgers. The latest track he’s unveiled leans toward the latter pole, mostly stripping things down to a constant acoustic guitar strum and plinking piano—as well as light orchestral swells as the song heads for a (spoiler) non-existent climax—as he wrestles with interpersonal relationships. 

“‘I’ve Been Holding Onto You for Way Too Long’ is a meditation on the idea of hanging onto the idea of someone after they’ve left the room,” he shares, “like you’re hanging onto their ghost or a husk like a cicada—all the insides gone, taken off, old here and new somewhere else—like an outline of dust in a road runner cartoon. I wrote it with my friends Sam and Will when I felt, secretly, like someone I cared about had long since checked out, like their spirit fell out of them in the night on their international flight, somewhere over the ocean.”

Hear the track below. Hit or Miss arrives February 3—pre-order it here.


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