Harmony Byrne Shares New Single “Daisy Chains,” “The Songs I Sing When No One Is Listening” EP Out Now

The Australian songwriter returns less than a year after her Jim Eno–produced debut.

It was only last June that Harmony Byrne revealed Heavy Doors, the Australian songwriter’s bracing debut album produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno. Today Byrne’s back with a follow-up EP that was introduced by the stunningly minimal “The Good Days & the Bad.” The rest of the EP follows suit, kicking off with the hushed acoustic ballad “Daisy Chains,” which we’re debuting today.

“‘Daisy Chains’ is a particularly difficult song to explain,” she notes. “Layers of meaning constantly reveal themselves to me and hopefully to the listener… However I do also know what this song is about for me, but that is for me to know, not for you. Honestly, it’s too personal and sacred to divulge in with written language. Perhaps instead, I could invite the listener to have a sniff and find meaning for themselves.”

Hear it below, and stream the full EP here.


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