OK Go Share Two New Versions of Their “This Will Be Our Year” Cover

The new EP follows the band’s 2004 cover of the Zombies track.

OK Go has a long history with The Zombies’ 1968 single “This Will Be Our Year”—they covered it way back in 2004 for a MoveOn.org benefit comp, re-released it a year later as a B-side to their Oh No single “A Million Ways,” lent that version to the soundtrack for the 2006 film John Tucker Must Die, and reworked it as a bonus track for their 2010 LP Of the Colour of the Sky. And today we’re getting two more versions via a two-track EP comprised of a hi-fi version of the recording and a lo-fi, solo version.

“‘This Will Be Our Year’ is one of my favorite songs of all time, and it’s more timely than ever,” the band’s Damian Kulash shared in a statement this morning. “After such a catastrophic year—so much that we rely on just crumbling beneath our feet—it feels good to add a drop to the world’s bucket of hope and optimism. Like the song says, this year was a long time coming, and I pray we look back on it as the time when things got better.”

Watch the video for the lo-fi version below, and check out the whole EP here.


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