Calyx (Literally) Make New Friends in Their “Noseeums” Video

The mathy Pittsburgh punks demonstrate their artistic skills in the clip for their latest single.

Calyx hail from the land of Don Caballero, and while their sound is nearly as American Football as it is American Don, they do plenty to further the mathy legacy of their Pennsylvanian hometown. Their latest single “Noseeums” is the second to be shared from their debut full-length—expected out February 12 via Oceanator’s label Plastic Miracles—and the track not only doubles down on the forceful moodiness of its predecessor, but provides us with visual proof of band member Garett Cassidy’s woodworking chops.

“Garett does tree work, and joking about becoming a chainsaw artist is a reoccurring thing and inspired the initial idea for the video,” vocalist Caitlin Bender shares. “We brainstormed it, gathered and made all the props, our friend Joshua Rievel shot everything on a Sony Hi8 camera, and I edited it all together.”

“The video takes a lighthearted stab at dealing with separation during the pandemic,” Cassidy adds, explaining why, exactly, he and his bandmates are befriending inanimate objects in the song’s visual. “The video is also just a reflection of our resources. When we were brainstorming ideas we were looking at what we have to work with. Caitlin and I work for a tree service so we have chainsaws. Also, I thought it’d be funny to make really shitty looking busts of my buds.”

Watch the clip below, and pre-order Stay Gone here.


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