Lo Talker Flirt with Nihilism in Their “Don’t Hide That Light Pt. 2” Video

The Athens-based rockers share the latest single from A Comedy of Errors, which arrives March 19.

Lo Talker is the vision of Andrew Shepard, a project he undertook in the wake of his previous band Roadkill Ghost Choir ceasing operation a little while back after a pair of LPs, a Letterman performance, and opening spots touring with Band of Horses. With their debut LP set for release on March 19, the band is slowly revealing what they have in store over the course of a handful of early singles, which present the group as a lighter take on their peers in Athens, Georgia’s indie scene, while pursuing a hi-fi take on the town’s Elephant 6 experiments.

The latest track, “Don’t Hide That Light Pt. 2” is no exception, with Shepard’s floating lead vocals recalling mid-aughts acts like Rogue Wave and Nada Surf. “I wrote ‘Don’t Hide That Light’ to try and remind myself that just because the world around me has plunged into a new level of insanity, it doesn’t mean I have to follow suit,” he shares. “Nihilism is so easy to flirt with especially when it feels like we’re not in on the cosmic joke being told, but the thought that a better world is possible in the face of such darkness is one worth waking up for.”

Watch the video—which, spoiler alert, features a gilded Shepard ensnared and eaten by his cowboy doppelgänger—below.


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