Psymon Spine Let Out Energy, Stress, and Excitement on “Channels”

The Brooklyn psych-pop ensemble shares another single ahead of the release of Charismatic Megafauna on February 19.

It might be a stretch to say Psymon Spine is a group inspired by LCD Soundsystem, as the boisterous, colorful sound they create as a unit stretches well beyond the parameters of James Murphy’s discography. But the crew undoubtedly jammed Sound of Silver in their formative years, more recently digging further into record store curios from the broadly titled “world music” section.

The latest sample from their forthcoming Charismatic Megafauna is PS at their most extreme—particularly signified by the strained vocal performance from Noah Prebish (who you may also know as a member of Barrie). “‘Channels’ was written in Acadia National Park, Maine, where we stayed for a few weeks to begin writing Charismatic Megafauna,” Prebish shares of the cathartic recording experience. “We spend the majority of our time in Brooklyn, NY absorbing energy, stress, and excitement, then go into the middle of nowhere to process all of those feelings through writing/recording. 

“The lyrics came from this analogy of the creative mind being a map with various bodies of water scattered throughout (each body of water representing some area of interest, skill, or trait),” he continues, “and how as an artist our job is to daily cultivate and irrigate this land, making sure every part is getting enough water and that no part is getting flooded. That analogy kept blooming and began to feel bigger than just making art and music; it could also be applied to emotional healing in general. I had initially planned on delivering the lyrics in a more laidback/spoken manner, but as we kept tracking everyone kept telling me to push it further each time, and when we finally got the best take I was screaming my guts out—I literally could taste blood. It ended up working out just how it was supposed to and gave the song this totally different energy that I had initially expected, and I’m so glad for that.”

Hear the new track below, and pre-order the record here.


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