Watch Bully Cover PJ Harvey and Talk Mental Health

Alicia Bognanno covers “Dry” from Harvey’s 1993 album Rid of Me.

Bully‘s Alicia Bognanno revealed that, for a time, listening to PJ Harvey‘s “Dry” on repeat was the only thing that made her feel really good. In an installment for Sounds of Saving titled “Song That Found Me in the Right Time,” Bognanno discusses how Harvey’s track from 1993’s Rid of Me acted as a necessary balm for her before supplying a wonderfully reverby cover. “It’s super powerful the way that it sounds. Her vocal delivery is always unbelievable.”

Last year, Bognanno released SUGAREGG, her first solo album as Bully. It was also the first time that she wrote and talked candidly about her bipolar II diagnosis. In a small Q&A prior to her performance, Bognanno spoke about the obscure conversations around mental health and why it’s important to have an open dialogue when one’s comfortable. “For me, when I started talking about it, people came to me to talk to,” she shared. “A lot of musicians, like myself, are sober and dealing with mental health. I think it’s 85 percent of artists, or something, struggle with mental health. I have a link on my fridge for a suicide prevention hotline because you never know when people are going to need that. And people aren’t really vocal about it, so that should be readily available at all times.” She also talks about meditation and dharma talks as important practices.

Watch the interview and hear the cover below.


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