Damian Abraham and Jay Howell Talk LPs at Gimme Gimme Records in the Latest Episode of “Punk as Fuck”

The punk-rock illustrator joins the Fucked Up frontman for a crate dig.

There aren’t many punk artists who can match the unbridled enthusiasm for the genre and subculture of Damian Abraham—but one of those artists is Jay Howell. The illustrator’s work has long been intertwined with punk and DIY culture, and to hear him speak of it with Abraham is like keeping up with Aaron Sorkin dialogue. 

When the two met up at LA’s Gimme Gimme Records for an episode of “Punk as Fuck”—shortly after Abraham excitedly experienced his first Record Truck sighting, coincidentally—the pair launched into a convo so engaging that it mostly kept them from perusing the store’s crates. Covering Howell’s intro to punk and DIY communities via flyers and album covers, a defense of the 45 format, and Howell’s uh, NSFW description of getting into Lisa Carver, watch the punks’ brief summit below.


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