WATCH: Seeing Double? Neil Young Plays “Old Man” With… “Neil Young” On “The Tonight Show”

Jimmy Fallon’s impression of the legend has come full-circle.

Last night, Neil Young stopped by The Tonight Show to hype his new album Storytone, and proceeded to rock the proverbial house with a huge Roots-ified version of “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?”

Normally, that would be a story unto itself, but Young happened to make another appearance on the show, this one poised to go down in late night history (or at the very least, make Jimmy Fallon’s personal scrapbook).

As he is known to do, Fallon donned his Harvest-era outfit to perform a song as “Neil Young,” which in the past meant a re-working of a modern tune. But this time, halfway through a surprisingly adept version of “Old Man,” the real Neil Young came out to join him.

And though there may be a little more gray in his beard these days, not too much has changed for Ol’ Shakey since 1971.

Watch Fallon living out every fan-boy and -girl’s dream below.

Storytone is out now via Reprise.



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