Lil Uzi Vert Got a Pink Diamond Forehead Piercing Worth Millions

“Pain Is Beauty,” indeed.

Lil Uzi Vert continues to prove to us that he is out of this world. The Eternal Atake rapper recently debuted his latest piercing, which features a “24 million dollar pink diamond” from Elliot Eliantte. Lil Uzi is very excited about this nearly eleven-karat diamond and, apparently, has been paying it off for the past five years. In case you missed it, the piercing is in the middle of Uzi’s forehead—and immediately I had so many questions: What inspired this? How is this anatomically possible? Did it hurt? (It seems like it most certainly did, considering Uzi captioned a recent photo on his Instagram “Beauty Is Pain.”) On a scale of one to 24 million, what would he rate the pain? Also, how heavy is it?

Some light sleuthing and minimal googling would help us get to the bottom of this extravagant and mindfully placed gem. Currently, Uzi’s Instagram profile is a collage of Naruto character Tsunade. The history and background of her character are complex, immense, and slightly devastating. CliffNotes version: She is a loyal and fierce character that develops massive healing abilities that stem from her chakra, which is stored in the Strength of a Hundred seal that is on her forehead. The pink diamond on Lil Uzi’s forehead shares an uncanny resemblance.

Uzi also revealed via Instagram Stories that right now the piercing, also known as the third eye or unicorn piercing, is swelling, so he has the large diamond on a long bar for the time being. Uzi then taps the large pink diamond, and states he eventually would like a short bar so that it doesn’t move. Although he joked it’s impossible to lose millions of dollars when it’s on your face, I’m incredibly concerned when the moment comes for Uzi to put on or take off a t-shirt.

Regardless, it does look insanely surreal. I mean, people charge their spiritual energy with crystals, right? Lil Uzi has taken us to a new level, charging his charkas, and hopefully his creative energy to an unseemly level. One can only hope this newfound crystal power doesn’t bring too many migraines.

Check out more images below.


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