Genevieve Stokes Looks Back on Her Past in “Surface Tension” Video

The Portland singer shares the first single from her forthcoming debut EP.

Genevieve Stokes taught herself how to play the piano when she was eight years old, and spent her teen years amassing an arsenal of influences within the realm of contemporary singer-songwriter greats like Cat Power, Bon Iver, and Regina Spektor. Now, at the tail end of her teen years, the Portland-based singer is getting ready to put out her first collection of songs as an EP planned for later in 2021.

The first of theses tracks arrives today with “Surface Tension,” blending upbeat pop with more nostalgic elements such as dampened piano, a visual recalling the hazy night time beach scenes of Eternal Sunshine, and—most explicitly—lyrics alluding to a past chapter in her life.  “Even though ‘Surface Tension’ was written during a difficult time in my life, I think its message is more uplifting than helpless.,” she shares. “Writing it allowed me to make peace with parts of my life that no longer fit, and take steps toward changing my reality. This video represents my current perspective on a past chapter of my life.”

Watch the video below.


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