On “Saturn,” Clever Girls Bargain with A Cosmic Force

The track arrives ahead of their forthcoming album Constellations, out March 26.

Saturn symbolizes both birth and death. It’s the planet with the most moons, and also named for the Roman god that signified sowing seeds. Saturn is also the god that ate all his suns in order to avoid a prophecy, famously depicted by Goya. When one is confronted with their Saturn return, they’re forced to confront obstacles, coming out stronger in the aftermath. Taking the name of the planet and god, latest single from Vermont’s Clever Girls wrestles with late-twenties growing pains.

Inspired by a pre-show tarot card reading that lead singer Diane Jean had in a Burlington green room, “Saturn” came about while trying to make sense of antagonistic energy. “I drew the Tower card (among some other cards that were arguably pretty negative) with a friend named Lee who was performing my reading,” Jean shares. “Lee saw my nervousness and wracked their brain for the words that would spin this reading into something positive I️ could take with me on stage; I began to sweat and writhe with discomfort as the tarot cards stared up at me. We spoke about my return of Saturn, or the rebirth we as humans experience as we leave our youth behind and enter adulthood. It was late November and I️ was about to enter my 28th year on earth. I️ wrote ‘Saturn’ shortly after this night, as I️ thought about the challenge of forging a future for myself that I️ could desire and be proud of.  What structures from my adolescence could I️ part with? What towers am I️ able to condemn, destroy, and rebuild in favor of something lovelier, something more sturdy?”

Listen to “Saturn” below. Constellations is out March 26 via EggHunt Records. Pre-order it here.


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