Hear Cherry Glazerr’s Euphoric “Big Bang”

Its the groups latest single following 2019s Stuffed & Ready.

Last we heard of Cherry Glazerr was the funky, synth-heavy “Rabbit Hole.” Today, the LA-based group shared a new single titled “Big Bang,” which is even more robust in its composition. Produced with Jennifer Decilveo, who recently worked with Miley Cyrus and Marina, “Big Bang” fittingly explodes into verdant symphonic chaos during the chorus. Its sound was “early aughts pop production feel, with the interplay between the acoustic guitar figure and the bass synth and the 808 hits during the choruses,” said the band’s Clementine Creevy.

Creevy details the prolonged end of a relationship, one for which she’s weary of becoming a lifeline but unable to immediately cutoff. “I still call you when I need escaping,” she sings. Her vocals start off close and hushed, before fireworking into space.

“The lyrics came from feeling like I was growing apart from someone who was close to me in my life, and the song is essentially about heartache, but it’s euphoric at the same time,” Creevy continued. “That’s what I like about it—the intensity of those very personal feelings paired with a sort of huge, exposed energy. I feel like I was able to let a lot out with this song. It feels really special to me.”

Check out “Big Bang” below.


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