Lydia Luce Muses on Addictive Relationships with “Tangled Love”

The track arrives ahead of the February 26 release of Dark River, as well as a newly announced virtual release show.

Lydia Luce has made a career for herself behind the scenes on some big-name tracks over the years, playing viola on songs by artists ranging from Dolly Parton to Eminem. But Dark River will see the Nashville-based songwriter setting out on her own to deliver a full-album of solo recordings that take her string-heavy compositions in her own directions. 

“Tangled Love” is the latest single from this project, blending classical, maudlin, and even anachronistic sounds with a more modern take on romantic relationships. “‘Tangled Love’ is about attachment,” Luce shares of the track, with the lyrics mostly contrasting with the peaceful instrumentation. “This relationship has become painful and difficult, yet there is something that holds me to it. When I’m without it I’m longing for it. It is an addiction and both parties are aware of the co-dependency, but no one wants to be the first to get clean, so we stay tangled in the web we’ve created.”

Hear the song below, and expect Dark River out February 26—the same date as a newly announced release show to be filmed at Nashville’s Parthenon. You can stream the event on Centennial Park Conservancy’s YouTube channel.


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