Whoever Broke Syd’s Heart Is Lame and “Missing Out,” as Proven by Her Latest Single

The Internet songwriter shares her first solo single since 2017s Fin.

As Valentine’s Day nears, love isn’t the only emotion floating in the air. On her latest single “Missing Out,” Syd ruminates on a recently ended affair. The wound feels fresh: “Maybe in another life you’d still be mine,” she sings. Despite the tender heartbreak, Syd uses this space to amp herself up. “You’re missing out,” she sings over a spinning dream-pop beat (and yes, that’s a glockenpsiel!). From the lone bell hit to the sorrowful, buzzy synths, “Missing Out” strays from the bravado of her 2017 debut solo album Fin.

It’s been close to four years since Syd Bennett released her acclaimed full-length. In the meantime she’s been collaborating with everyone from Charlotte Day Wilson to Zayn. And of course, there was The Internet’s 2018 Hive Mind. Still, it’s exciting to hear Syd in her own element, gifting us this intimate moment of self-reflection. She crafted an anthem for the lonely-hearted—a necessary comfort for 2021.

Listen below.


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