Birthday Ass Share the Chaotic-Good Opening Track from Their New Album “Head of the Household”

“Blah” sets the stage for the jazzy no wave group’s latest LP, out April 23 via Ramp Local.

At the beginning of the month, Birthday Ass—an actual band that is actually called that—celebrated Bandcamp Friday by unveiling details for a new album called Head of the Household, their second LP and first with the label Ramp Local. Today they’re adding their first hyperlink to that BC page’s track list with the reveal of the infectious opener “Blah,” which features that word a whole lot.

“Infectious” may be subjective—while their jagged, jazz-infused sound may be hard for unadventurous listeners to get down with, “Blah” must sound like party rock to the no wave crowd the band’s sound derives from. Composer/vocalist Priya Carlberg has plenty to say over the course of the single, though most of it just the titular word—including a rap-sung verse of “blahs” that devolves into, uh, some other things that are even less of words. Illustrating the spirit of the wonky tune, the accompanying video is full of surreal images, not least of which is a stage adornment that reads “WOW BAND” and a drum set with a log where the snare should be.

Watch the clip below. Birthday Ass’ sophomore LP Head of the Household is out on April 23—pre-order the record here, and add the track to a very specific type of playlist here.


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