Lael Neale and Guy Blakeslee Team Up for a Joint “Neighborhoods” Session in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Neale performs her track “Blue Vein” and Blakeslee plays through “Sometimes” on a farm in western Virginia.

After a recent move from LA to a farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, songwriters Lael Neale and Guy Blakeslee were quick to let the change in scenery inspire new music. Both solo artists have new records out this month (Blakeslee’s Postcards from the Edge came out February 5, Neale’s Acquainted with Night drops this Friday), sharing a common psych aesthetic and taste for lo-fi visuals.

For their joint “Neighborhoods” session, the pair took turns filming each other perform their new tracks—appropriately shot with grainey, camcorder-esque quality—on a farm in the area where Neale grew up. The back-to-back solo guitar performances of Neale’s “Blue Vein” and Blakeslee’s album opener “Sometimes” prove just how much musical chemistry the two share.

Watch the performances below.


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